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Your Presence at the Mobile National Days - Hamburg, Vienna, Zurich, Prague and Sofia

Since 2005, the 11 Prozent Communication organizes expert congresses for the mobile industry. Here, different topics and questions are reviewed. There have been congresses for publishers, radio stations, advertisers, brands, telcos and, of course, the mobile industry. In 2010, the congresses take place in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Bulgaria.


In 2010, the Mobile Content Days are renamed into the Mobile National Days. The driving forces behind this step were the increasing internationalisation together with the expansion of the topics.

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PR-Presence GFM Nachrichten

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The industry medium for: MOBILE, Social Media, IPTV, eGame


With the own expert publication GFM Nachrichten, the 11 Prozent informs since 2004 intensively about the mobile, eGames, IPTV and Social Media areas. In this way, the GFM Nachrichten supports events like the M-Days, the Consumer Content Conference, and the App Days with special articles and issues.


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